Barbra Harvie for Holyrood 2021.

Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire and #2 for the South Scotland Region.

Dr Barbra Harvie




Scottish Borders Greens have selected their co-convenor, Barbra Harvie, to stand in the Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire constituency in May’s Holyrood election. Dr Harvie is a semi-retired lecturer, specialising in Restoration Ecology and Forestry, and lives in Selkirk.

“The Borders, like the rest of Scotland, needs a Green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic that will generate a strong, resilient society who will invest in its young people and lead them towards positive futures; a Green recovery that will take the opportunity to create lasting jobs by developing and utilising Scotland’s wealth of renewable resources.

“Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire is a large constituency with a scattered population living in disparate and unique towns and villages; areas of post-industrial depression from lost textile industries, fishing towns, farming communities and remote areas that are off the national power grids.

Dr Harvie reflects “I am very conscious that Scottish Borders is vaguely identified as the area between the rest of Scotland and the north of England and that the strong identities within Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire are largely unrecognised; even South Scotland as a Region is often overlooked by both Westminster and Holyrood. ”

“Scottish Green Party plans for a Green Recovery to combat the Climate emergency and emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic are detailed and fully costed. Policies include measures to tackle fuel poverty and empty high streets, to support local farming and fishing industries, and the introduction of a Green New Deal for Scotland’s Workers.

Dr Harvie studied as a mature student at the University of Edinburgh where she gained a BSc in Ecology with Forestry honours, then went on to research a PhD in Restoration Ecology before becoming a lecturer at Scotland’s Rural College and University of Edinburgh.

She reveals “My academic background has created a passionate advocate for the natural environment, but I have been an active campaigner against Nuclear Weapons since my teens and more recently have extended this to campaigning against fracking, nuclear power and the nuclear convoys that travel through Scottish Borders.

Dr Harvie is equally enthusiastic about promoting food security and manages the gardens and greenhouses at Selkirk Community Shed (as a volunteer) to give others the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and improve their mental health through working outdoors.