Dominic Ashmole for Holyrood 2021.

Midlothian, Tweeddale and Lauderdale and #3 for the South Scotland Region.

Dominic Ashmole



The Scottish Greens have selected Peeblesshire campaigner and tech worker Dominic Ashmole to stand in
the Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale seat in May’s Holyrood election.
Mr Ashmole, who works for a healthcare technology firm, said he would campaign to build on the solidarity
and “fierce love” experienced by communities during the pandemic to make the case for a green recovery.
Accepting the nomination, Mr Ashmole said: “COVID-19 has highlighted enormous kindness and resilience
in our communities – a fierce love that has seen people support and protect one another. This may become
our greatest strength and comfort as we build a green recovery and face the reality of climate breakdown.”
“Everyone keeps hearing about the climate emergency, but we are not seeing governments take concrete
and credible action. No wonder people feel confused. They are told it is an emergency, but they see no
urgency from governments.”
“In reality, the next ten years are make or break. If we don’t halve annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030,
we’ll overshoot safe limits of warming. Only last month, the US Climate Envoy John Kerry stated that we’re
currently heading for ‘fundamentally unliveable conditions’.”
“In particular young people, already suffering the awful setbacks and trauma of COVID-19, look at the
burning forests and melting ice caps and wonder what kind of a future they have. They’re smart enough to
realise ‘net zero by 2045’ is too little, too late – and that’s why they’re turning to the Greens.”
“I’ve spent most of my career in science and technology. I know both can help solve our problems, but it’s
maddening to hear politicians hiding behind ‘future tech’ and dodging the simple solutions we already
understand. The ‘net’ in ‘net zero’ essentially means ‘continue burning oil, and gamble on future technology
to repair the damage later.’ Any government not doing the simple things right now – drastically expanding
our forests, making homes energy efficient, doubling down on renewables investment– is simply not serious
about protecting us.”
Laura Moodie, lead Scottish Green candidate for the South Scotland region, said: “For the first time in this
constituency, people can make both their votes Green. By returning double or more Greens to Holyrood in
May, voters can send a clear signal to the SNP that they need to sharpen up their act. Our Scottish Green
New Deal will revive communities with new, green jobs as the country unites urgently in tackling the climate
Mr Ashmole joined Edinburgh healthcare technology start-up Voxar in 1998, serving in a variety of key
technical and management roles. He built relationships with Scottish NHS boards and universities which
resulted in multi-million-pound programmes of collaborative healthcare research. Prior to his technology
career, Mr Ashmole spent six years working for local adult social care organisations Garvald West Linton and
Ark Housing Association.
In a voluntary capacity, Mr Ashmole serves as a founding member of the steering group for Borders Forest
Trust’s pioneering Carrifran Wildwood ecological restoration project in the Moffat Hills. Passionate about
nature, but also fearful for humanity’s future, he courted controversy by being arrested during Extinction
Rebellion’s 2020 sit-in protests in London’s Parliament Square.

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