The Scottish Greens do not rely on the corporate donations and large amounts of taxpayers’ money other parties in Parliament receive. Others count on million pound donations, whereas we are funded with hundreds of small donations from people like you.

Scottish Borders Greens have fundraised & financed campaigns for candidates standing for Westminster 2015, Holyrood 2016 and 2021, Local Council 2017 and will be puting candidates forward for election in the upcoming local council election in May 2022.

All our active members volunteer their time but costs are incurred for candidate fees, printed materials, venues etc.

Your donation to us will be gratefully received & appreciated. No donation is too small, as literally every penny helps us in our efforts to build a better Scottish Borders with a local green voice calling for a greener, healthier & more equal society.

You can make a one off donation anytime via:-


Bank : Cooperative Bank

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account number: 65165582

Thank you