Neil MacKinnon for Galashiels and District.

Neil MacKinnon was brought up in Peebles, he spent three years studying at the college of Textiles where I gained a chemistry degree and made many friends, moved away in 1991 but returned to Galashiels in 2001 where I have lived since.
Neil worked as a research chemist for eight years after leaving Galashiels and for the last 20 years he has worked as a service engineer in the scientific sector. This background has given him a good understanding of the mechanisms behind climate change and the importance of swift action at local and national levels to address this, this led him to join the Scottish Green Party.
Neil has three children who have been through the school system in Galashiels so he is aware of the need for a replacement for the Academy to be delivered as soon as possible, however he considers it important that this is done in the least environmentally impactful way, and also that the finished building is a zero emissions building or as close to it as possible.
Neil plays bagpipes for Stow pipe band and is on the committee, playing at local festivals and further afield. He is very aware of pressure on local bands and organisations brought about from Covid disruption, he feels community bands require more support from local government, especially with regards to free tuition in schools, knowing bands like these give young people a sense of purpose and belonging, forging friendships and learning skills that will last them a lifetime.
Neil wants to give something back to his local community, in a town and area that he loves.
He has not been politically active all that long but is keen to make a difference, having seen the number of small local groups making a difference in their own ways, he is inspired by their efforts and would like to be in a position to help groups like these prosper and grow.