Peter Guthrie for East Berwickshire.

Peter Guthrie has lived in Eyemouth since late 2019, living just over the border beforehand.

Peter’s background is in Animal Care and Welfare, he is very compassionate to all forms of life and believes we should do our utmost to give animals the best standards of care we can. He is very passionate about the environment and volunteers with the Berwickshire Marine Reserve, which aims to educate people about the marine life, promote sustainable fishing and conserve the biodiversity in our waters.

Peter also volunteers with Abundant Borders, an organisation which grows produce in small community allotments to help benefit the local community, some of the food grown has been donated to the Eyemouth Larder. Peter hopes to tackle food poverty in the area, aware that not everyone has a sustainable income, which has become more apparent as the cost of living is sharply rising due to inflation, he cares about the people in his community and is hugely concerned seeing people suffer unnecessarily.